Buescher running Slim Jim scheme at Michigan

SLIM JIM ON HOOD OF NO. 37 CAMARO ZL1: "It's really cool to have Slim Jim on the hood of our Camaro ZL1 this weekend at Michigan International Speedway," Buescher said. "The Slim Jim brand was really prominent in NASCAR with the Labonte family, and it's awesome to have them back and in a partnership with our Kroger racing family. I'm definitely looking forward to having Slim Jim snacks on the hauler all weekend!"

RACING AT MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY: "Michigan (International Speedway) is a really fast racetrack," Buescher said. "I really like that track. It's fun to race on, and is starting to get racier every time we go there. The track has come into its own a little bit slower than some of the other tracks that have undergone repaves, and it's been really narrow. We're starting to be able to move around and run the bottom a little bit more. You can make up some time going up a little bit higher than the middle groove too, and we can go and spread out and actually start to draft a little bit there as well. We had really good speed at the June race, and got a top-10 finish at this race last year, so I'm looking forward to getting back there and seeing what we can do with our Slim Jim Camaro ZL1."