Why Mississippi State, others could become Giant Killer victims

Ben Howland and Mississippi State could end up with a high seed they can't justify. Jim Brown/USA TODAY Sports

There are two sides to the Giant Killer coin. And while it's plenty fun to dig deep into the weeds of mid-majors and suboptimal records to find the next George Mason, it's just as important to focus our attention toward the top of the polls and examine which Goliaths might have a critical weakness that could bring them down come March.

It could be a particular type of opponent a Giant is vulnerable to, or maybe the school simply has a record that's too big for its britches -- therefore bestowing confidence upon the team that it might not deserve (Example A: previously undefeated Michigan.) Really, the Giant Killers model thrives in those situations, advising to zig when blind seed-line followers zag.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. March is a ways off. For now, we're simply forecasting and scouting -- looking for 2019's vulnerable Giants.

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