What you need to know about each seed

Every seed tells a story, and sometimes studying those stories can reveal valuable truths. No. 1 seeds don't lose to 16s. No. 5 seeds only beat 12s two-thirds of the time. The four No. 15 seeds that have knocked No. 2s all shared common attributes. Knowing the stories behind the seeds could help predict how this year's tournament story comes out.

One Seeds

  • Amid all the unpredictability of March Madness, it's refreshing to know there's at least one certainty: Top-seeded teams will win their opening games against No. 16 seeds. They're a perfect 80-0 in the 64-team era. Of course, the inviolable laws of the tourney are meant to be broken. Sooner or later, a one seed is going to lose in the first round – but people in their right minds should never predict it.

  • Top seeds are nearly as solid a lock to advance past round two, winning 85 percent of their games (68-12). They're especially hard on ninth-seeded opponents, posting a 40-3 record, while going only 28-9 against No. 8 seeds.