Rose: Howard hiring heals Fab Five wounds

Jalen: Howard will bring the Fab Five back together (0:42)

Jalen Rose is excited for Juwan Howard to take over as the Michigan coach, saying it is a good opportunity for the Fab Five to reunite. (0:42)

It appears that Juwan Howard's hiring as Michigan coach will heal decades of wounds that have existed within the Wolverines program.

Former Fab Five member and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose said during Get Up! on Thursday that Howard's hiring resolves the ongoing tensions between the former teammates and with the school.

"There will be no splintering. There will be no disrespect," Rose said. "It's about following Juwan as the leader of the program."

Rose said the hiring specifically fixes issues between him and Chris Webber. The two had been at odds for nearly a decade, with one example of the divide being Webber's absence from ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary on the team that debuted in 2011.

But all that is in the past now, according to Rose, who said there is no more "beef" between them.

"We're not going to bring that to Ann Arbor's campus with Juwan Howard as our head coach," Rose said.

The Fab Five -- Rose, Webber, Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson -- were Michigan's 1991 recruiting class that would go on to national championship appearances in 1992 and 1993. The school later removed those Final Four banners from Crisler Arena as part of self-imposed sanctions that stemmed from one of the NCAA's largest financial scandals, which included a six-figure sum given to Webber by a booster.

On Friday, Webber, now a TNT analyst, said that Howard's hiring would be great for the university and "would bring everyone back together." Howard was announced as Michigan coach on Wednesday.