Coach K's grandson a Duke walk-on: 'Earned it'

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is once again bringing in one of the elite recruiting classes in the country, but it's a walk-on with whom Krzyzewski will be most familiar.

Krzyzewski's grandson, Michael Savarino, is joining the program for the 2019-20 season.

Duke basketball noted the addition to the team by posting a throwback photo on Twitter.

Savarino is the son of Krzyzewski's oldest daughter, Debbie. He played for Durham Academy (North Carolina) during his high school career.

"He's earned it," Krzyzewski told reporters last week. "Michael was a really good player at Durham Academy, well-coached there, they had their best season ever. Played on a talented team this year. Michael is a leader, he's a good shooter, player. He's also an outstanding student. He's able to be admitted to Duke."

"Just like [Mike] Buckmire or [Brennan] Besser or [Andy] Borman or J.D. Simpson, these guys along the way, we expect him to be a heck of a walk-on for us," Krzyzewski added, referencing several walk-ons who have spent time in the program during his tenure.

Savarino appeared alongside Krzyzewski in a SportsCenter commercial back in 2015, in which Krzyzewski asks Savarino to send Miami Heat forward Justise Winslow a text message after seeing Winslow's highlights on SportsCenter. Savarino texts Winslow emojis.

"It was funny," Winslow, who played one season at Duke, told the Miami Herald at the time. "Me and Coach don't text like that. But us young kids, we do that sometimes. I have texted Joey [Savarino] and Mike like that before."

Krzyzewski said he wasn't anticipating too many issues with Savarino's family.

"I don't expect any problems from the mother and I better not have any problems from the grandmother," he joked. "That's the one I'm worried about the most."