Best pitches I've seen

It's a longtime baseball debate: Who has the best fastball? Slider? Curveball? Here are my picks for the best pitches I've seen in nine categories.

Originally Published: June 15, 2004
By Tom Candiotti | Special to ESPN Insider
It's a debate baseball fans have engaged in for years in front of living-room TVs, in bars and at stadiums nationwide: Which pitcher has the best fastball? What about the best slider? Or curveball? Here are my picks for the best pitches I've seen (in nine categories) in my career as a major-league pitcher and TV analyst. Let the debate begin again...

Four-Seam Fastball
Best I've Seen Firsthand -- Nolan Ryan | Randy Johnson
Honorable Mention -- Roger Clemens
When I saw Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, he was already in his 40s. I can't imagine what his fastball was like when he was in his 20s. Johnson, a left-hander, is in the same class as Ryan. Clemens is right behind these two among four-seam fastballs I've seen. Ryan, a Texan, played most of his career in Texas, while fellow Texan Clemens is finishing his career there. (The four-seam fastball is gripped with two fingers across the seams.)
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