Garner good fit for veteran Astros

Phil Garner's lunch-pail work ethic should blend well with the veteran-dominated Astros.

Originally Published: July 14, 2004
By Tony Gwynn | Special to ESPN Insider
I don't know if firing Jimy Williams is the right move for the Houston Astros, but the move doesn't surprise me. Heading into the All-Star break, Houston clearly didn't play well, losing six of eight games to drop to .500.

The Astros went into the season thinking World Series, but they find themselves in fifth place in the six-team NL Central, 10½ games behind the first-place St. Louis Cardinals. Houston is 4½ back in the NL wild-card race.

New manager Phil Garner might be just what the doctor ordered. His lunch-pail work ethic should blend well with the veteran-dominated Astros. I played against teams that Garner played for (Astros) and managed (Brewers), so I know about his no-nonsense approach and commitment to winning.