Bonds is best I've seen

Now that Barry Bonds has won his seventh MVP award, the question arises again: Is Bonds the best ever?

Originally Published: November 16, 2004
By Tony Gwynn | Special to ESPN Insider
So much has been said and written about Barry Bonds, but to me two things set him apart.

First, his swing is consistent. He has a short, compact stroke. The way to develop that is by working on it -- it's trial and error, working on your mechanics in the batting cage and applying it in each game.

Bonds doesn't get many pitches to hit, and when he gets them, he doesn't waste them or foul them off. He usually puts those pitches in play -- with authority. Bonds is consistent game to game, yet his swing today is shorter and more compact than it was earlier in his career. That tells me Bonds understands the value of making adjustments.