Picking the division winners

Yankees or Red Sox? Cubs or Cardinals? With pennant races heating up, these questions need answers.

Originally Published: June 29, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
With all these pennant-relevant games, the question comes up, "OK, Professor, who's going to win these things?" I'm not actually a professor (you mean that was sarcastic?), but I'll do the best I can ...

AL East: Yankees
Why? Not because the Yankees are appreciably better than the Red Sox. They're not. The Yanks and Sox have played practically the same number of games, and their run differentials are practically identical. So why are the Yankees 6½ games ahead of the Red Sox? Mostly because the Yankees are 13-7 in one-run games, while the Red Sox are just 5-8.

Keith Foulke
Keith Foulke is sporting a 1.41 ERA in 34 appearances this season.