Glavine's luck runs out

The way some players luck has been this season, a healthy fear of Friday the 13th is in order.

Originally Published: August 13, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
Baseball people, who should know better, are fond of saying things like, "Over the course of a season, the breaks even out."

They don't always. Not by a long shot, and today we'll pick the unluckiest pitcher and the unluckiest team in the majors this season.

Tom Glavine
Tom Glavine's bad luck hasn't been limited to the field.
Unluckiest Pitcher: You think the breaks even out? Tell Tom Glavine that. The future Hall of Famer has posted a sparkling 2.92 ERA this season, and he's 8-10. Just a few examples of Glavine's bad luck:

  • April 16: Pitched seven innings of shutout ball, allowing just one hit, but didn't get decision in game eventually lost by Mets, 7-6;
  • April 21: Lost 2-1 to Expos despite giving up just one earned run in seven innings;
  • June 8: No decision against Twins despite allowing one run in eight innings.

    Those are the worst of them, but the pattern is clear. In 16 of his 24 starts, Glavine has allowed two or fewer earned runs. In those 16 starts he's just 7-5 with four no-decisions (and the Mets lost three of those games).