Dodgers this year's Marlins?

The Dodgers are finding out what the Marlins learned last year: Great pitching and a decent offense go a long way.

Originally Published: August 16, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
Since the big trade that supposedly ripped the heart and soul out of the Dodgers, they're 10-5 and the Marlins are 6-8.

That's a cheap shot, I know; a couple of weeks amounts to a hill of lima beans. It's fair to mention, though, that if the Dodgers' and Marlins' post-trade records were reversed, my colleagues would be typing so hard to write about Paul Lo Duca's leadership and Paul DePodesta's idiocy, they'd break their keyboards.

But rather than rehash something that happened two weeks ago (and anyway I've already rehashed it in this space), I'd like to get in the way-back machine and travel all the way to the forgotten world of 2003. One year ago, to be precise.