A Sunday in paradise

Four years ago, everybody talked that Fenway needed to be replaced. Now, it's nothing less than a baseball palace.

Originally Published: September 27, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
Saturday afternoon, I saw Drew Barrymore. No, really. I was in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, where the Farrelly Brothers (or maybe it was just one of them) were shooting a scene in their next movie, a (very) loose adaptation of Nick Hornby's brilliant book, "Fever Pitch."

Anyway, a few of us were standing across the street from where the technicians were setting up the lights and the screens, and finally both Drew Barrymore and co-star Jimmy Fallon replaced their stand-ins. At this point, some production flunky walked over to us, and told us we had to move well down the street because of "reflective issues."

Fenway Park
APFenway Park opened for business in 1912 and is still a sight to see 92 years later.