In good hands with Polanco

Who is the "best buy" among free-agent infielders this offseason? Here's a hint: It's not Adrian Beltre.

Originally Published: November 10, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
Who's the "best buy" among the free-agent infielders? We'll get to that, but first let's look at the infielder who just might be this offseason's worst buy.

Scott Boras, the most famous and successful agent in the history of professional baseball, recently said this:

"Our contention is that Adrian Beltre had the best season ever by a third baseman. What we did was take four criteria -- 45 home runs, 100 runs scored, 100 RBIs and a .330 batting average -- and looked to see how many third basemen had seasons like that. The answer is none. There's no third baseman who's ever done it."

I have to say, I couldn't actually locate Boras's quote in any sort of reputable news outlet. But considering that two different and apparently unrelated people brought it to my attention, I'm going to assume it's real (and anyway, it's a poor columnist who lets facts get in the way of a zesty riposte).

Boras is right: No third baseman's ever done "it." But does "it" necessarily mean that Beltre's season was the best ever by a third baseman?