The year in baseball awards

Derek Jeter's year with the glove was a one-season anomaly, and not likely to happen again.

Originally Published: November 11, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
In the wake of Derek Jeter finally winning the Gold Glove that he's richly deserved for so long, I received three e-mail messages that said most of what can be said on the subject. First, the mean-spirited …

    Dear Rob,

    Nice try on your article pertaining to Derek Jeter's defense (posted on your ESPN website in August of 2003). He is now a Gold Glove award winner and that makes you a liar. Ever since I read your article, I was waiting for this day to come. Too bad when you wrote it, Jeter was still recovering from a separated shoulder. I guess an "educated" man such as yourself was too blind to notice that. Nice effort though.


    Dustin Esposito