Art of the blockbuster

Originally Published: November 17, 2004
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
The World Series has been over for a few weeks and the girls up north are wearing bulky winter coats, which means the minds of young men everywhere are turning to … yes, baseball's trade season. Unfortunately for all those young men (not to mention the rest of us), today's big contracts and no-trade clauses make it harder than ever to pull off those trades that get the "blockbuster" label.

They do happen occasionally, though. For help in figuring which deals were really the biggest (as opposed to just seeming like the biggest), I added up the Win Shares for each group of traded players, for 1) the season before the trade, 2) the season after the trade, and 3) all seasons since the trade. But there's no magical formula here, and your opinion's just as good as mine. Nevertheless, here are my opinionated opinions regarding the five biggest offseason trades of the last 10 years: