Unit, Sosa top most tradeable list

Updated: November 17, 2004, 12:36 PM ET
By Jerry Crasnick | ESPN Insider
As reporters in Boston and New York work diligently to ferret out whether Pedro Martinez ordered the chicken or fish in his big lunch meeting with George Steinbrenner in Tampa, it's clear the Hot Stove focus will remain on the most prominent of baseball's 217 free agents. That's a fact of life in an "icon player" world.

But as long as there are salaries to be dumped and superstars to be accommodated, baseball's 30 general managers also will be talking trade. While we continue to monitor the daily comings and goings of icons – the Pedros, Pavanos, Renterias and Delgados of the world – here are 10 individuals or combinations thereof whose names are almost certain to be bandied about in trade discussions over the next several weeks:

Jerry Crasnick

ESPN Senior Writer