Never far from steroids story

While the steroids buzz has calmed down at the winter meetings, it secretly remains a hot topic.

Originally Published: December 11, 2004
By Jerry Crasnick | ESPN Insider
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Jason Giambi's leaked grand jury testimony might have resonated in Internet chat rooms and branded him a liar on the covers of New York tabloids, but it's not generating much lobby buzz at the Anaheim Marriott -- site of baseball's 2004 winter meetings.

The general managers, scouts, agents and media members assembled here are in full-scale Rotisserie mode, and less inclined to dwell on steroid use than the issue of whether Ken Kendrick's wallet is artificially enhanced. Confusion reigns over how the Arizona Diamondbacks, a team with well-documented financial problems, could spend $78 million in two days on free agents Troy Glaus and Russ Ortiz -- thereby driving up the price for Edgar Renteria, Matt Clement and a legion of Scott Boras icons.

Jason Giambi
Jason Giambi's grand jury testimony that he used steroids brought to light serious concerns in the game.

Jerry Crasnick

ESPN Senior Writer