Case closed for Sutter

Originally Published: January 3, 2005
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
If there's one thing we learn each December (and early January), it's that Hall of Fame voting and logic rarely go hand in hand.

Sunday, for example, one columnist opined that Ryne Sandberg's not a Hall of Famer because 1) he didn't dive for balls, 2) the Cubs never won the World Series, and 3) anyway, all those home runs are irrelevant because hitting home runs isn't the second baseman's job.

Now, I'll grant you this argument makes even less sense than most of them. But with the exception of Kansas City's Joe Posnanski and a few others who deserve more credit than I'm giving them, most of the baseball writers have come to flawed conclusions. In other words, Hall of Fame voters are human, too.