Lowe ideal for Dodger Stadium

Updated: January 11, 2005, 4:08 PM ET
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
If, two months ago, you or I had made a list of the best free-agent pitchers available this winter, it would probably have looked something like this:

1. Pedro Martinez
2. Carl Pavano
3. Brad Radke
4. Matt Clement
5. Russ Ortiz

(Sorry, couldn't resist making a joke with the fifth slot. There just wasn't any clear-cut choice there, though Odalis Perez and Kris Benson would rank among the better candidates.)

That's not how the seriously sabermetricalized teams saw things, though. According to my sources and my readings of whatever tea leaves I could find, here's what that list would have looked like:

1. Pedro Martinez
2. Brad Radke
3. Derek Lowe
4. Carl Pavano
5. Matt Clement

(No, the Red Sox didn't regard Derek Lowe so highly. Not even close. But please indulge me for a bit longer.)