Yankees hogging headlines

Will San Diego's approach alienate fans? Can the Phillies contend in the NL East? Answers to these, and plenty more.

Originally Published: January 14, 2005
By Jerry Crasnick | ESPN Insider
A dip into the Insider mailbag as we take a break from the other stunning news developments in sports: A new drug policy for baseball, Randy Moss's lack of end-zone decorum, and Raul Mondesi finding gainful employment as Atlanta's starting right fielder.

I believe you should write a column on what a letdown the Padres have been for their fans. We were told that once the new stadium was built, they were spending the big bucks. Or if the team needed a piece or two last year they would get it (Steve Finley anyone?).

They are no longer a small-market team, but in the middle and clearly not spending like the other middle teams are. Woody Williams and Eric Young -- that's a joke. I used to love and support ownership, but its brains are in Boston now winning the World Series, I am afraid.
--George, Bonita, Cal.

Jerry Crasnick

ESPN Senior Writer