Run at your own risk

Originally Published: January 28, 2005
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
My personal opinion is that Terry Mulholland had, for a number of years, the best move to first base that anybody's ever seen. No, I can't prove that Mulholland's was the best. But I'd be awfully surprised to learn that anybody's ever been better.

Consider …

Terry Mulholland
Terry Mulholland mastered the art of holding runners.
In Mulholland's first five seasons – 1986, and 1988 through 1991 – he pitched 618 innings, and gave up only 21 stolen bases. Meanwhile, 14 runners were caught stealing, and Mulholland picked off 14 more. So, collectively, the enemy baserunners gained 14 bases, but also accounted for 28 outs.

That's impressive, and by itself probably would place Mulholland among the best ever. As Pete DeCoursey said of Mulholland in The Scouting Report (1990 edition): "He has an astoundingly quick flip-move to first base which caught several base-runners unawares, and twice embarrassed first baseman Ricky Jordan."

But we hadn't seen nothing yet.