Giants' motto: Win now

Originally Published: February 23, 2005
By John Manuel | Baseball America
The Giants don't want a book written about how they run their baseball operations. They don't even want to be Organization of the Year. They just want to win a World Series championship. That hasn't happened since 1954, when the franchise was still based in New York.

With Barry Bonds still hitting like few humans ever have, San Francisco has chosen to go all out to maximize its opportunity. As one club official said, "Very few clubs can afford to spend at both the top end and the bottom end of the organization," so the Giants have chosen to spend at the top. Bonds can best be helped by major league free agents, not amateurs signed through the draft. Since closer Robb Nen got hurt and missed the last two seasons, the Giants have missed the playoffs. Enter free agent closer Armando Benitez.