Gibson made Boston's dream impossible

When I think about the Cardinals and the Red Sox playing each other in October, I see dead people.

That's a line from a movie, of course, and I shamelessly used it to grab your attention rather than tell the truth. It's true that the 2004 World Series makes me think of the 1946 World Series and the 1967 World Series, both of which pitted the Cardinals against the Red Sox. Fortunately, though, a number of players from both of those Series are still with us.

Just last week, for example, I read where Stan Musial said that while the 2004 Cardinals have the best lineup in franchise history, the 1942 Cardinals were the best team in franchise history (and I happen to agree with him on both counts). No, what I really see are (mostly) young men, running around in flannel uniforms on old grainy film. Which is to say, I see history.