East, West have glaring omissions

Updated: February 18, 2005, 10:40 AM ET
By Tim Legler | ESPN Insider
I will give the 30 NBA head coaches credit. For the most part, they did an excellent job selecting the 14 reserves for the 2005 All-Star Game in Denver Feb. 20. The key phrase here is "for the most part."

To be fair, it is never easy determining which players have earned the right to make the cut and coaches always are torn between rewarding players on teams having great success or those putting up big numbers on average or below average teams.

Then there is always the dilemma of dealing with a team that has a player voted in to the game when he would otherwise have been left off the squad. In that case, coaches are reluctant to vote a guy in from the same team unless the team is having a big year.

But I do have quibbles with the coaches' selections, especially the omissions of two players – one in each conference – who should at least be reserves.

Tim Legler

NBA studio analyst
Former NBA player Tim Legler joined ESPN in 2000 as a studio analyst for ESPNEWS. Legler also appears regularly as an analyst of ESPN2's NBA Fastbreak. Legler played for five NBA teams -- the Suns, Jazz, Warriors, Mavericks and Wizards.