Walker, Kittles among top names unprotected

Updated: June 21, 2004, 12:00 PM ET
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
NBA teams submitted their lists of unprotected players to the league Friday in anticipation of the Charlotte Bobcats' expansion draft. In an unusual move, the league decided to keep the list confidential and has threatened to fine teams up to $1 million for divulging which players they declined to protect.

Nevertheless, Insider has compiled through team and league sources, as well as player agents, a team-by-team list of players available to the Bobcats. Given the league's veil of secrecy surrounding the unprotected lists, some names could not be confirmed from two independent sources. However, we're confident our list closely resembles the one Bernie Bickerstaff and company will have in front of them June 22.

Each NBA team is allowed to protect up to eight players and must leave at least one unprotected. With unrestricted free agents ineligible for the expansion draft, the number of unprotected players varies from one to seven for each team.

Here's a look at the players sources have indicated are available for the expansion draft. In cases where we have been unable to confirm whether a player is on the list, we note it in the comments:

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer