Will the Raptors stop the Vinsanity?

Updated: July 13, 2004, 11:25 AM ET
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
Over the course of the past two seasons, nothing has gone right in Toronto.

Injuries have destroyed morale. Coaching turnover has demolished continuity. The front office has been in absolute disarray. Caught in the storm has been Vince Carter, Toronto's reluctant hero.

Carter believes he is the most important piece of the franchise. He believes he should have been consulted when the Raptors hired a new GM. He was upset when the team hired a new head coach without his stamp of approval. He desperately wants input when the team makes draft picks, free-agent signings and trades.

So far he's gotten jack squat. GM Rob Babcock may be the right guy for the job, but the way the Raptors went about hiring Babcock instilled no confidence in his ability to change the organization.

Sam Mitchell may be the right coach, but Vince has his doubts.

Rafael Araujo may be the team's center of the future, but again, forgive Vince if he doesn't believe an undersized college five is going to turn around the team overnight.

The Raptors, in his mind (and almost everyone else's, for that matter), are in disarray. Vince wants out now.

If you're Babcock, do you acquiesce and start rebuilding, or do you try a quick turnaround job?

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Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer