Biggest free agents still homeless

Originally Published: July 13, 2004
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
At 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, the music stops. Someone is going to be left without a chair.

This free agency period has been one of the most memorable in the last decade. Despite a flurry of agreements, the top three players on the market -- Kobe Bryant, Kenyon Martin and Rasheed Wallace -- still are homeless.

All three are expected to commit by midnight, which should create a chain reaction throughout the league.

If that isn't enough excitement to keep you up late refreshing your browser, try walking in the slippers of Jim Paxson and Kevin O'Connor tonight. Carlos Boozer, the most infamous free agent in this year's class (which is ironic considering the No. 1 free agent is facing sexual assault charges) has, depending on who you believe, given his "word" to two teams -- the Cavaliers and Jazz. He'll sign somewhere tonight, and Insider has the scoop on where that is ... unless, that is, we're being bam-Boozered, too.

Here are five stories we're following as the midnight hour approaches.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer