Agent: Winning isn't important to them

Updated: July 20, 2004, 11:51 AM ET
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
Lost in the shuffle of the Kobe Bryant sweepstakes was the New Jersey Nets' decision to trade Kenyon Martin for what one Nets player dubbed "nothing in return."

Technically, that's not true. The team received three future first-round picks. But for a proud playoff contender, losing your starting power forward and second-best player without getting equal value back is as close to "nothing" as you're going to get.

As you can imagine, Jason Kidd's reaction to the whole affair wasn't exactly positive.

"He is processing it," agent Jeff Schwartz told the Newark Star-Ledger. "I told him before he has a (public) reaction he should think about it for a while. But his initial reaction was pretty easy to figure out ... The Nets obviously have decided winning a championship isn't very important to them right now."

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer