Plenty of minutes for all in Denver

Updated: October 7, 2004, 12:13 PM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
The local and national media is making a big deal about a supposed position battle looming between Kenyon Martin and Nene in Denver. Upon hearing the Nuggets had traded for Martin in the offseason, Nene dropped his summer plans and reported to Denver to begin working with Nuggets coaches.

The New York Post fueled the fire over the weekend when it reported the scrimmages between the K-Mart and Nene had become so intense that Martin "sucker punched" Nene last week, leading to stitches and plenty of bad feelings.

All of this has led to the inevitable "who's going to start" mess that tends to make good training-camp copy. Of course, those stories inevitably lead to someone suggesting there's a logjam and a someone needs to be traded. Coaches and GMs prefer to focus on who finishes the game, but the truth is even players care about who starts. It's a badge of honor.

But here's why it doesn't and shouldn't matter in Denver.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer