Knicks running to stand still

Updated: December 22, 2004, 9:48 AM ET
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
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    It was a year ago Wednesday that the Knicks fired Scott Layden, replacing him as president with possibly the only executive in the league who had a more tarnished rep – Isiah Thomas.

    I'll never forget the stunned reaction I got from one prominent league executive just minutes before the hire was announced.

    "He would have been the last human being on earth that I thought would've gotten that job," he told Insider. "That's the premier GM job in the NBA, the team is a mess, and the Knicks need someone with experience to get them through this. Isiah Thomas isn't that guy."

    The Knicks were 10-18 when Thomas took over.

    Since Thomas took the reins last Dec. 22, the Knicks have gone 42-40.

    Since the arrival of Stephon Marbury, Thomas's grand jewel acquisition, the Knicks are 38-37, including 13-11 this season.

    In that span, Isiah has traded away 11 players, released four, acquired 14 players and changed head coaches.

    No one will ever accuse him of standing still.

    Chad Ford

    ESPN Senior Writer