Winning or weed whacking?

Say this about the Trail Blazers. They have bad taste in players the way a three-time divorcée has bad taste in men. Even when the Blazers try to clean up their image, they somehow always end up slamming down shots at a biker bar.

It was another week, another ugly dustup in Portland. This time, it was Darius Miles doing the dirty work.

According to various accounts, on Thursday, head coach Mo Cheeks was criticizing Miles harshly in a film session when Miles lost his cool and began shouting obscenities at Cheeks. At one point, Cheeks said that Miles shouted something about not caring about losing 20 games in a row, because Cheeks is going to get fired anyway.

When Cheeks asked Miles to leave the building, Darius said something to the effect of "Make me." When Cheeks bolted for GM John Nash's office, Miles ran behind saying "That's right, run to your daddy."

Just another typical day at the office for the Blazers.

The team suspended Miles for a whopping two games – a punishment that Cheeks feels was too small and one that Miles believes is too long.

Over the weekend, the account of the incident has been tweaked a bit. Cheeks has since admitted that he was partly to blame for the confrontation and might have instigated it with his harsh criticism of Miles. Miles has since issued an apology. The players, well, they aren't really sure what the big deal is.

"We support Cheeks 100 percent and the same with Darius," center Joel Przybilla told The Oregonian. "It was just an instance of two guys having different views. I have seen worse. I was in Milwaukee with Anthony Mason, and this was nothing. We just need to move on. Shoot, we are already past it. As soon as Darius is back, we will be waiting for him."

There is more going on in Portland than meets the eye.