Will Kidd, Abdur-Rahim have new homes?

Originally Published: February 17, 2005
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
So here we are, seven days from the trade deadline, and the flurry of trade rumors that normally bombard the NBA this time of year seem to be on vacation with the rest of the league.

The same names that have been on the trading block since the start of the season are hanging around. Only a few of them have been in active trade talks for the past month or two.

As we reported Monday, it's looking as though we're going to be in for a slow trade deadline. No blockbusters appear to be in the works. A few star-quality veterans are unhappy, but their teams don't seem inclined to trade them.

When NBA general managers are calling me for rumors instead of the other way around, you know things are slow.

What's the problem? Parity and uncertainty about a new collective bargaining agreement play a part. Probably more important, expiring contracts – the one commodity that always seems to be hot – don't have the value they once did. That's because NBA GMs believe there won't be a luxury tax this year. In previous years, teams that were over the tax threshold had a strong interest in slashing payroll at the last minute in an effort to avoid paying the tax. That's not going on this year, either.

So where are we? Although it sounds like some small deals might go down – an expiring contract or two might be moved – it would be irresponsible to suggest that anything else big is in the works. If there is something major going on, the GMs aren't talking.

Still, it's the trade deadline and you want your fix.

Insider is happy to oblige today with a three-part trade deadline primer.

We've spent the last week pulling together, with the help of a few NBA assistant GMs, the most comprehensive list of team trade assets on the net. Want to know what your team has to offer in a trade? Whether it needs to cut cap space? Whether it has a valuable trade exception or expiring contracts? Who on the team is untradable?

Insider goes through every team in the league digging for the answers.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer