Sixers big winners, Knicks big losers at deadline

An unprecedented flurry of trades rocked the NBA on Wednesday. After GMs and agents warned as late as Tuesday evening that it could be a very quiet deadline day, four major trades and several minor ones went down at the 11th hour. The flurry should significantly change some of the NBA's landscape, especially in the Eastern Conference.

Big names such as Chris Webber, Baron Davis, Antoine Walker, Gary Payton, Keith Van Horn and Glenn Robinson are changing uniforms, along with more than $100 million worth of contracts.

Who were the winners and losers at the NBA trade deadline? Insider breaks it down.

The winners

Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers were going nowhere fast. Allen Iverson was pouting. The team seemed to be stuck in a rut between rebuilding and clawing for an eighth seed in the playoffs. No more.