High school kids dominate

Originally Published: March 11, 2005
By Chad Ford | ESPN Insider
There is an obvious disconnect between the lore of scouting wisdom and reality. To quote more than one NBA scout, good shooting guards are a dime a dozen.

Unlike the rare centers and point guards who appear only in leap years when there's a full moon, shooting guards are everywhere. They grow on trees. Take a shot on the big kid who can't tie his shoes. Grab your two guard of the future off any NBDL roster.

It just isn't true. These days, superstar two guards appear to be just as rare. In the past three drafts, there have been two great shooting guards  Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Ben Gordon has made some nice waves this season, but he's a ways away from being called great.

That's partly because the college ranks aren't being bolstered by high school and international prospects at this position. Most 18-year-olds drafted in the NBA still tend to be 6-10 or taller.

This year, expect the drought to continue.

There are promising players here. But none are sure things.

Here's our first look at what appears to be a pretty decent shooting-guard class.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer