Rivers given a flawed roster

Updated: November 20, 2003, 8:39 AM ET
By Greg Anthony | ESPN Insider
With the firing this week of Doc Rivers, the Orlando Magic close the coaching chapter on the worst start in franchise history. There's no question Doc's departure was inevitable. Anyone in that position would be out on his backside, especially without his star pupil coming to his defense.

I spoke to Doc on Tuesday, and you could hear the strain in his voice from that 10-game losing streak. Yet he still felt that with the return of Gordon Giricek, the team would respond and potentially right a ship that had drifted aimlessly off course. Unfortunately, the coach won't be along to steer that new direction, and management seems fit to make Rivers the scapegoat for a team mired a level or two below mediocrity.

But where should the blame for this organization's shortcomings really be placed? I think with management.

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