Wade generating some Heat

Updated: January 6, 2004, 2:11 PM ET
By Greg Anthony | ESPN Insider
Happy New Year to all those basketball fans out there. With the end of the college football season -- and a split national championship no less -- do you think that would ever work anywhere else in sports? I mean, whatever happen to letting the players and coaches decide who is the champ? It's the only way to really decide who is the best team. But I've digressed enough. Let's get to the e-mail bag and see what's in store for your team or player in '04.

Mr. Anthony,
I'm a Miami Heat fan, and I may be a little biased toward Mr. Wade of Miami, but it seems like all the media is giving love to Mr. Anthony and King James and forgetting about Dwyane Wade (aka A.I. Jr.). I've been watching this young man all season long, and I haven't seen a rookie attack the basket like Wade does since Allen Iverson.

Can you please give this young brother some love when you guys are talking about rookies? His stats are right up there with Mr. Anthony and King James. And he's the reason Miami is winning now. He's the go-to person on that team now! Thanks for taking my e-mail, and have a Happy New Year!
Patrick Owens,
Henderson, Nev.

Former NBA guard Greg Anthony covers basketball for Insider. He joined ESPN in November 2002 as a studio analyst for the network's NBA coverage. He appears on all of ESPN and ESPN2's NBA studio shows.