Ponder these questions this season

Updated: November 3, 2004, 2:18 PM ET
By Dr. Jack Ramsay | NBA Insider
Yet another NBA season is upon us . . . . and this one is more intriguing than the last.

There have been lots of personnel changes that will impact the quality of teams and the emergence of star players. Here are some questions for NBA fans to consider as they listen to the NBA on ESPN radio.

  • Can the Detroit Pistons' defense, anchored by the two Wallace's, stay as tough as last year? Will Antonio McDyess help, will Richard Hamilton continue to grow as a complete player, and will Darko Milicic get to see the light of day? Can they repeat?

  • Can the Indiana Pacers withstand the early season injuries to Jermaine O'Neal, Reggie Miller and Jeff Foster to keep pace with Detroit?

  • How far can Shaquille O'Neal take the Miami Heat? Is there enough depth after Shaq and Dwyane Wade to play with the big boys?
    Legendary coach and Basketball Hall of Famer Dr. Jack Ramsay served as lead game analyst for The NBA on ESPN Radio. He also contributed to and ESPN The Mag.