Losing teams a crucible for coaches

Losing is a painful hell, but an NBA coach can build for the future while injecting hope into the present.

Updated: December 16, 2004, 10:26 AM ET
By George Karl | ESPN Insider
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Editor's Note -- The Hornets' 94-93 overtime loss to the Bobcats on Tuesday night marked the Hornets' first return to Charlotte since moving to New Orleans.

Losing is a painful hell. The New Orleans Hornets (1-19) and Charlotte Bobcats (5-14) can expect to be in that hell all season long. As a coach, what can you do to build for the future while injecting some hope into the present?

That's the challenge facing both Byron Scott in his first year with the Hornets and Bernie Bickerstaff of the expansion Bobcats.

Scott is in an unusual situation.