Support will dictate LeBron, T-Mac's fates

Updated: December 29, 2004, 4:04 PM ET
By Brian James | ESPN Insider
LeBron James and Tracy McGrady meet Wednesday in Cleveland in a game that could mark the crossroads for their respective teams.

James' Cavaliers enter the game at 17-11. After this game, they begin a 10-game stretch that features just three foes above .500 as of this writing. McGrady's Rockets, on the other hand, are 13-15. After this game, the Rockets have six of their next 10 games against teams playing at or below .500. But this is a Rockets' team that has lost twice to the expansion Bobcats and is coming off a 28-point loss Tuesday to the Bucks.

As much as James and McGrady drive their teams, a lot depends on their teammates. You figure James and McGrady are going to get theirs. The team that gets the better performance from its role players should win.

Which supporting cast is better at reducing the pressure on its star?