Iverson answering question about playing point

Originally Published: January 7, 2005
By Greg Anthony | ESPN Insider
How does Allen Iverson continue to defy gravity as well as the naysays?

Everyone remembers last season when he was derailed by injury and clashed with interim coach Chris Ford. The critics asked, when would "The Answer" be traded and to whom.

They cried: He's played his best ball. You can't win with him. He's too selfish. He's not a leader and will be a bad influence on the young players.

Well, what a difference a season makes.

Allen Iverson

Even without Glenn Robinson – who has been sidelined the entire season – to offset some of the scoring pressure, Iverson has thrived. He is having one of his best seasons by far and he's not just doing it with his scoring, even though he is leading the league in that category (29.1 ppg heading into Friday's game at Minnesota).

Those same pundits scoffed when team president/GM Billy King and coach Jim O'Brien made the switch and put Iverson at the point. Yes, the point. Many felt that any team with Iverson as its point guard could not be successful. That would be especially true for a Sixers team so young, the majority of the players are more apt to have a glass of milk at the after party than a glass of Yak (that's Cognac for those who don't know).

Former NBA guard Greg Anthony covers basketball for Insider. He joined ESPN in November 2002 as a studio analyst for the network's NBA coverage. He appears on all of ESPN and ESPN2's NBA studio shows.