Slow starts for studs in new duds

Updated: October 27, 2004, 2:01 PM ET
By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Jamal Crawford is going to score.

If he has to go 4-of-13 against the Nets on Thursday to shoot 10-of-12 against the Spurs on Saturday, then so be it. He might as well go 6-of-32 against the Jazz, Mavs and Timberwolves in order to shoot 9-of-15 against Dallas.

But while that might have been all right for his former team, the lowly Bulls, it isn't working out too well for his new team, the Knicks. Despite the pay raise, new uniform and starting position, Crawford is shooting 40.3 percent for New York this preseason, after shooting 39.7 percent for Chicago last regular season.

But he isn't the only player coming out of this crazy offseason of unpredictable draft picks, monumental trades and unbridled free agency who has lost something in the translation from one team to the next.

In fact, there are many who have packed their bags and made out for a fresh start only to find the court isn't always shinier on the other side.