Roundtable: Who is the 2008-09 MVP?

Originally Published: April 13, 2009
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LeBron JamesDavid Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty ImagesLeBron James didn't get every first-place vote -- but he came close.

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Henry Abbott Abbott Adande Barry Brooks
Bucher Ford LZ Hill
Hollinger Legler Neel Palmer Ramsay Rose Sheridan Stein Thorpe

It was a slam dunk. In a poll of ESPN experts, LeBron James ran away with the MVP award.'s NBA MVP ballot
Rank Player Stats
LeBron James
Cleveland Cavaliers
Small forward
Team record: 65-15
Points per game: 28.3
Rebounds per game: 7.6
Assists per game: 7.3
James' complete statistics
Dwyane Wade
Miami Heat
Shooting guard
Team record: 42-38
Points per game: 30.2
Assists per game: 7.5
Steals per game: 2.2
Wade's complete statistics
Kobe Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers
Shooting guard
Team record: 64-17
Points per game: 27.0
Rebounds per game: 5.3
Assists per game: 4.9
Bryant's complete statistics
Dwight Howard
Orlando Magic
Team record: 58-22
Points per game: 20.7
Rebounds per game: 13.9
Blocks per game: 2.9
Complete Howard stats
Chris Paul
New Orleans Hornets
Point guard
Team record: 49-31
Points per game: 23.0
Assists per game: 11.1
Steals per game: 2.8
Complete Paul stats

The tally

LeBron James: 89 points (17 first-place votes, 1 second)
Dwyane Wade: 62 points (1 first-place vote, 8 second, 7 third, 2 fourth)
Kobe Bryant: 53 points (8 second-place votes, 5 third, 1 fourth, 4 fifth)
Dwight Howard: 31 points (1 second-place vote, 2 third, 10 fourth, 1 fifth)
Chris Paul: 22 points (3 third-place votes, 3 fourth, 7 fifth)
Chauncey Billups: 8 points (1 third-place vote, 1 fourth, 3 fifth)
Paul Pierce: 3 points (1 fourth-place vote, 1 fifth)
Tony Parker: 2 points (2 fifth-place votes)

Five points awarded for first-place votes, four points for second place, and so on.

The ballots

Henry Abbott | J.A. Adande | Jon Barry | Maurice Brooks | Chris Broussard | Ric Bucher
Chad Ford | LZ Granderson | Jemele Hill | John Hollinger | Tim Legler | Eric Neel
Chris Palmer | Dr. Jack Ramsay | Jalen Rose | Chris Sheridan | Marc Stein | David Thorpe