NBL has a road refereeing issue, Kings coach Will Weaver says

Sydney Kings coach Will Weaver has been served with a $500 suspended fine after he was ejected during his side's loss to Melbourne United on Monday night.

Weaver was on Tuesday issued with the fine for breaching the NBL's Code of Conduct, specifically "excessive dissension towards the referees" following a second-quarter explosion in which he was physically restrained by some of his Kings players.

Weaver had expressed his frustrations after the match, saying the NBL had a refereeing issue that was hurting away teams.

In his first season in Australia, American Weaver admitted he had over-reacted when ejected as his ladder-leaders suffered their first loss of the campaign, in a heavyweight showdown with Melbourne United.

Weaver was ejected for two tech fouls after he remonstrated furiously with officials following Dillon Stith's push on Jae'Sean Tate just before halftime.

"I was annoyed that Jae'Sean got pushed, and there was a build up over the course of the half," Weaver told reporters.

"The build up over the course of the half was something that I felt had to do with something that I know, from studying the league and talking with some of those guys, has been an issue in this league, which is how road teams are officiated.

"I felt like it tipped over the line, where an accumulation of illegal screens and plays like that, that are dangerous for the players, were going against us.

"I tried talking to the officials. They have the audio if they want to use it. I didn't feel like I was being heard.

"I felt in that moment, it was so obvious and it was so clear out in the middle of the court that there was no real other recourse than for me to draw attention to it. The fact that they gave me a technical foul for it made me lose my cool."

He emphasised he reacted that way because he had already been speaking to the NBL about the perceived problem.

"On that play I probably over-reacted. I certainly over-reacted but the context of what led to that play and my conversations with those officials and with Scott (Butler, head of officiating in the NBL) in previous days was what put me in that mindset."

In the wake of Weaver's comments, Scott Butler has told AAP that the NBL is happy with the standard of officiating so far this season.

"The NBL is officiated according to the rules set down by FIBA (the peak body for basketball)," he said.

"We deal with all teams equally regardless of whether they are playing home or away.

"We review every game and we are happy to get feedback from all clubs including coaches. So far this season we are happy with the standard of officiating but we will always try to acknowledge mistakes where they occur and we are always seeking continual improvement."