Quality, not quantity, in Arizona, Nevada

Originally Published: July 13, 2004
By Tom Lemming | ESPN Insider
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LAS VEGAS -- My recruiting trips through the states of Arizona and Nevada are always pleasant ones. The whether is hot and dry and the scenery is breathtaking. The points of interest are always fascinating and the football players are few and far between.

In Arizona, for instance, the majority of the top football players live around the Phoenix area. The Tucson area normally has three or four top prospects and that's about it. In some years -- like this year -- there were no other blue-chip athletes anywhere else around the state. This gave me plenty of time to visit some points of interest, most notably Lake Havasu and old London Bridge. I've always had a fascination for everything British and taken several trips to London. So I just could not pass up the chance to first drive and then walk across old London Bridge, which was dismantled and brought to America, where it was later reassembled piece by piece where it now spans the Colorado River.