A Saturday full of big matchups

Originally Published: December 16, 2004
By Jay Bilas | Special to ESPN Insider
There is only one place I would be this weekend, if I didn't have to work -- on my couch, with potato chip crumbs all over me, watching game after game.

(Aside: My "work" this weekend will put me in the front row at Texas-Wake Forest, eating Harley exhaust after pre-game introductions and then watching two of the best teams battle for two hours -- hardly breaking rocks for a living!)

Thus far in the college basketball season, we have had some great games and some really quality match-ups. However, they have been alone on their respective nights. We have had some quality wins, but they won't really resonate until late in the year, until the loser of that game really builds a quality body of work. Because college basketball does not have an opening day and a blockbuster tournament to tip off the season, it has seemed a bit disjointed.

That ends this weekend.

Jay Bilas

College Basketball analyst