Games between mids don't help case

Originally Published: February 17, 2005
By Jay Bilas | Special to ESPN Insider
Being a mid-major is tough.

Basketball is a game of resources and opportunity. Mid-majors have fewer resources than the big shots yet are expected to compete favorably on the court. Mid-majors also have far fewer chances to rack up quality wins that will impress the NCAA Tournament selection committee, and therefore have a much smaller margin for error than the major conference schools.

As such, getting an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament is a difficult task. Many believe the mid-majors are treated unfairly and cannot get games against the nation's giants to prove just how good they are. Plus, most people don't seem to understand that it is just as tough for teams in the West Coast Conference or the Missouri Valley Conference to get league wins as it is for teams in the ACC or the Big East to win games in their leagues.

Jay Bilas

College Basketball analyst