Coaches honest about teams' needs

Originally Published: February 14, 2005
By Andy Katz | ESPN Insider
Previous Words: Feb. 7-11

Finally, some honest answers about what coaches feel their teams must do to get into the NCAA Tournament.

Not everyone gives the pat – "we've got to win the next game" – answer when pressed.

Sunday afternoon on ESPN Radio's College Hoops Today, a few coaches gave direct answers as to what they feel their teams or conferences must do to get into the NCAA Tournament.

All coaches look ahead at their schedules to see what games they need to win to get a bid. Anyone who says he doesn't ever look at the schedule is probably not being honest with himself. It's human nature – coach, fan, player or member of the media.

These are the same people who say they never read the paper or watch the news yet are the first ones to say they didn't like something that was written.

So, that's why it was refreshing to hear some of the responses.

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ESPN Senior Writer