Reasons to doubt the Deacons

Originally Published: November 15, 2004
By Joe Lunardi | Special to ESPN Insider
ST. LOUIS -- It's with more than a bit of irony that the first bracket column of the 2004-05 season was written from a hotel in downtown St. Louis.

In less than five months, the college basketball world will gather at the Edward Jones Dome to crown another national champion. And if the so-called experts are to be believed, the list of teams that have a realistic chance to be playing here during that first weekend of April is a familiar one -- Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, etc.

Throw in the rest of the upper division of the ACC, along with maybe Illinois and one or two others, and it would be hard not to find pretty much everyone's preseason No. 1 pick.

All of which leads me (being the contrarian that I am!) to ask a different question. Not who is going to the Final Four in St. Louis. But, more specific to the topic of brackets and seeding, who among the most obvious contenders is not?

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