Hokies must attack Rogers

Scouts, Inc.'s Todd McShay examines some of the biggest flaws of teams playing in the remaining bowl games.

Originally Published: December 15, 2004
By Todd McShay | Scouts, Inc.
Fatal Flaws

Bowl season is the best opportunity for offensive and defensive coordinators to shine. They know their personnel and typically have healthy and fresh players to work with. Moreover, they have nearly a month to identify opponents' weaknesses and prepare a gameplan.

On Tuesday night, Southern Miss' bright young defensive coordinator, Tyrone Nix, recognized North Texas' lack of athleticism along the offensive line. Nix elected to bring extra defenders on the blitz. It resulted in six quarterback sacks and just 92 rushing yards for RB Jamario Thomas, who came into the game averaging 189.9.

With 27 bowl games left, plenty of coordinators have a chance to shine on national television, just as Nix did in the New Orleans Bowl. The following is a look at some of the biggest weaknesses of teams playing in the remaining bowl games and how those weaknesses can be turned into fatal flaws:

Todd McShay

ESPN Senior Writer