Football 101: Bunch and reverse packages

Updated: November 7, 2003, 1:56 PM ET
By Bob Davie | Special to
New trends and strategies are developed and implemented every year in college football. If one program has success with a new scheme or concept, you can be sure that others will soon add it to their attack. While some trends are subtle and others more obvious, change is the one certainty in the constant attempt to be successful.

In today's class, we will explore two new trends in college football that most offenses now utilize: the bunch formation and the reverse and fake reverse packages.

Bunch formation
Over the past 10 years, the big offensive trend has been to use formations to spread the field as wide as possible. With wide receivers stretching the field, the defense is forced to spread out, creating space and causing mismatches in the open field. The bunch formation is a new change-up to the spread offense and works in exactly the opposite manner.

Bob Davie

College Football
Bob Davie, a veteran college football coach of 25 years, most recently as head coach at the University of Notre Dame, serves as an analyst on college football game telecasts and select studio shows.